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About Us

KAKIZAKAI SEIKI Co. Ltd. specializes in the development of high-precision slitter machines, the “KSL series,” that utilize our proprietary HTC winding system. This allows for low-tension, loopless winding. We offer the optimal slitter machine solution for our customers’ needs, including slitting of foils and thin materials

About Us

Our Slitter Machines

HTC winding system

Our slitter machine series “KSL” utilizes the HTC winding system, eliminating slack and sagging due to differences in winding diameter. The friction winding is performed with a constant tension in each strand. Additionally, there is no need for looping, allowing for miniaturization of the machine and improvements such as reducing the installation area and enhancing operational efficiency.

Loopless Method

This is a slitter machine that performs winding without using the loop holes required in the conventional looping method. This reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for loop holes and improves space-saving and safety.

4 Base Models

We offer 4 models that are tailored to the cutting material, plate thickness, and plate width.
We will deliver the customized product that meets your needs from the base model.

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Relationship with Local Communities

At KAKIZAKAI SEIKI, we value our relationship with the local community. We actively participate in promoting the area’s attractions, starting with the Ryusei Festival in Chichibu, to contribute to its development.