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Company NameKAKIZAKAI SEIKI Co., Ltd.
Representative DirectorKAKIZAKAI Masayuki
Location875 Shimoogano, Ogano-City, Chichibu-gun, Saitama, Japan
Tel: 0494-75-3310 Fax: 0494-75-1973
EstablishmentOctober 25, 1984
Capital50 million yen
Number of Employees8
BanksSaitama Resona Bank and Saitama Credit Union
Business ItemsDesign, manufacturing, and sales of slitters and various machinery
Contract manufacturing of various machinery


September, 1972Established Kakizaki Workshop as a personal business and started accepting orders for machinery components at 4268 Kamiyoshiota, Chichibu, Saitama.
May, 1977Expanded the factory with business growth.
October, 1984Reorganized the workshop as a corporation, Kakizaki Precision Co., Ltd., with a capital of JPY 10 million.
October, 1985Constructed a new factory in Kokano, Chichibu, Saitama.
March, 1986Moved the headquarters to Kokano, Chichibu, Saitama and registered the change.
May, 1986Started research and development, manufacture, and sales of slitters.
October, 1989Successfully developed the HTC winding system for slitters.
February, 1991Expanded the headquarters factory.
January, 1995Started research and development of wrapping and polishing machines.
May, 1998Developed the improved HTC winding system.
March, 2003Developed a slitter machine with low residual stress compatibility.
September, 2005Increased the capital to JPY 40 million and set the capital to JPY 50 million.