KSL-350-HTC(Foil only)

Dedicated foil model for ultra-thin materials from 0.01 mm
Cutting materials
Non-ferrous metals
Cold-rolled steel sheets
Board thickness
Width of board

Main specifications

ModelKSL-350-HTC(Foil only)
Cutting materialsNon-ferrous metals/Cold-rolled steel sheets/Other
Board thickness0.01~0.1mm
Width of board (max)350mm
Original coil bore diameterφ300/φ400/φ500mm (Attachment used)
Outer diameter of original coil (max)φ800mm
Winding coil inner diameter (using special winding machine)φ100/φ200/φ300mm
Winding coil outer diameter (max)φ800mm
Coil weight (max)1,000kg
Cutting methodDrive cut/Pull drive cut
Number of cutting strips (max)20
Minimum cutting width2mm
Line configuration1) Uncoiler
4) Cutter unit
6) Scrap winder (traverse method)
7) Separator
8) Take-up axis (HTC take-up method)
9) Hydraulic equipment

Features of the KSL Series

HTC take-up system

Our company’s slitter machine “KSL series” has adopted “HTC winding system” to eliminate looseness and sagging due to difference in winding diameter, enabling friction winding with constant tension for each line.

In addition, since looping is not required, the size of the machine can be reduced, and the installation area can be reduced and workability can be improved.

Loopless method

This is a slitter machine that performs winding without using the loop holes that were required in the conventional looping method. No need to install a loop hole for looping, reducing installation costs, saving space, and improving safety.